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  • Susan is very 'no nonsense' and focuses on the important issues which in my case was parenting time and spousal maintenance. . . The divorce was brutal. . . However, nothing ever rattled Susan. She's seemingly seen it all and has vast experience . . . It is my observation that she is intimately familiar with family law and can help . . . those who are facing a difficult divorce . . .

    Clair M

  • Attorney Susan Schauf helped me finally bring a 6 year divorce process to closure. As I was an out-of-state client, she made every effort to keep me involved and always had my best interest at heart. Susan was faced with a very difficult case and she handled it like a champ.

    Alicia O

  • Susan cleaned up the mess my first attorney made of my divorce proceedings . . . Susan is very focused and clear thinking and will not lead you down paths that run up your legals costs and not achieve the results intended. Due to her many years in the legal system, she understand explicitly what will and will not work. Listen to her advice and you will be fine.

    Vernon H

  • Susan Schauf represented me in several misdemeanor criminal matters. Susan got two warrants quashed, several fines reduced and out of collections and other requirements decreased or extinguished. Susan fought hard and did not give up when the going got tough. I would recommend her without hesitation!

    Anthony A

  • I went to Ms.Schauf during one of the most stressful times of my life, I was looking for a lawyer to help me get divorced from my husband (now ex husband ^_^) and I had a hard time finding someone I felt I could trust who wouldn't charge me an outrageous retainer! When I finally came across Ms.Scahuf it was like the clouds parted and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! Both she and Cheryl were absolutely amazing to work with. Always ready to take my calls and answer any questions I had! I was well informed throughout the whole process! Honestly I don't know how they do it, I would highly, HIGHLY reccommend them if you are looking for an amazing lawyer who is going to truly represent you and listen to your needs! I am truly overjoyed with everything Susan and Cheryl did for me!!

    Amora S

  • Susan was very professional and tough. She fought very hard for a just and fair settlement in my difficult situation, despite having to deal with several unethical lawyers in succession retained by the Defendant. When they went low, she went high. It was a very frustrating and unhappy time in my life. I found her fees to be consistent with the profession, and I consider her a friend. I can only wish her easier cases in the future.

    Glenda D

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