Divorce Is Never Easy You Are Not Alone


  • Attorney Susan Schauf helped me finally bring a 6 year divorce process to closure. As I was an out-of-state client, she made every effort to keep me involved and always had my best interest at heart. Susan was faced with a very difficult case and she handled it like a champ.

    Alicia O. May 2016
  • Susan is very 'no nonsense' and focuses on the important issues which in my case was parenting time and spousal maintenance. . . The divorce was brutal. . . However, nothing ever rattled Susan. She's seemingly seen it all and has vast experience . . . It is my observation that she is intimately familiar with family law and can help . . . those who are facing a difficult divorce . . .

    Clair M. March 2016
  • Just returned from a day of trial with Susan Schauf and she was a joy to watch! . . . Susan helped me handle everything from custody and parenting time issues to division of property and debts. I would never have been able to navigate my way through this without Susan's help!!

    Jones M. April 2013
  • Susan performed exactly as promised with no hidden costs. She provided an extra level of advice, service, and patience during an awkward cross country divorce.

    Steven B. May 2016
  • Susan cleaned up the mess my first attorney made of my divorce proceedings . . . Susan is very focused and clear thinking and will not lead you down paths that run up your legals costs and not achieve the results intended. Due to her many years in the legal system, she understand explicitly what will and will not work. Listen to her advice and you will be fine.

    Vernon H. April 2016

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